Northern lights in Muonio

The probability of seeing the Northern Lights dance in Muonio is high from late August until well into late spring, as we are located directly under the aurora oval which circulates the earth’s magnetic poles. Statistically, the Northern Lights can be seen every other night without major events in the sun. When the sky is clear, dusk turns into the darkness of a night, the Northern Lights begin their amazing dancing softly across the starry winter skies. During stronger Northern Lights storms, the time window can stretch from 4:00 p.m. to 7 a.m. When the Northern Lights appear in the sky, they usually thrive admirable for 10-30 minutes. The original source of energy for the Northern Lights is the Sun, although the Northern Lights themselves are generated in the upper atmosphere of the Earth at an altitude of about 100–200 kilometres.

Dress warmly and find a sufficiently open place with minimal light pollution where you can look towards the northern sky! Also, be sure to take the camera with you and begin your Northern Lights hunt: only imagination is your limit in interpreting the shapes offered by the Northern Lights! The Northern Lights in Lapland are one of the most amazing things you can experience in Finland. Explore the northern sky on your own or take part in one of the Northern Light tours.

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