Keimiön Koukkaus

Authentic Northern Experiences

Keimiön Koukkaus

Located at Lake Jeris near Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, this one-man company provides activities and excursions, which allow customers to connect with the local land and traditional methods of living. This entrepreneur’s ancestors have had ties to the land since the beginning of the 1800s, and the traditional lifestyle practices inherited from past generations are being preserved to this day. The most notable activities offered include various ice fishing excursions of different methods. Story-telling and preparation of the caught fish are also part of the experiences.

Meeting the local Lake Jeris shaman at Keimiöniemi, who has a strong connection to the land and nature, is a must. The shaman has inherited his gifts and knowledge directly from his ancestors; he continues to preserve these traditions and stories through his work and in his everyday life.

Keimiön Koukkaus also provides tailor-made activities, which are offered for both individuals and groups year-round, and can be made to best suit your needs.

Programs include:

  • Traditional Fishing Experiences
  • In summer: Net fishing by boat
  • In winter: Net fishing from under the ice
  • Meeting the Shaman
  • Guided Wilderness Trips
  • Cooking and Storytelling Experiences.The local shaman has received awards for Finland’s Storytelling Master (2010) and Lapland’s Storytelling Master (2010), for Finland’s Best Shaman (2007), and a bronze medal for Finland’s best wilderness cook (2004).

Open year-round upon request

Keimiön Koukkaus
Keimiöniementie 227
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