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Go outdoors! Feel the thrill of mountain biking, river rafting, snowmobiling and husky sleigh riding. If you’d like to take it slow, try canoeing or berry picking. Excursions and tours are an easy way to see and feel nature in Lapland, Finland. The eight different seasons of Muonio have something to offer to everyone. Find the best activities in Muonio
and enjoy the memorable activities in Finnish Lapland. Relax and delight in the views–
Muonio truly is nature’s holiday paradise. 


The best time for bird watching in Lapland is in early summer. This time of the year the birds are really out and about, and luckily mosquitoes are not. Fell Lapland is where you can see the northernmost distribution of many bird species. The most common birds in the region are the bog lark, willow warbler, Siberian tit, Siberian jay and the northern wheatear. Muonio is also home to a number of birds of prey like the gyrfalcon – the most noble of predatory birds. The population of eagles is the largest in Finland. Another special species seen in the region is the grey wagtail. The provincial bird of Lapland is the bluethroat.

The best places to watch birds in Muonio are Kutuniva on the way to Pallastunturi Fells; the Muonionjärvi Lake birdwatching towers in Muonio village centre and at the north end of the lake in Rukomasaari; as well as the birdwatching tower in Kätkäsuvanto.


Fishing in the clear waters of Finnish Lapland is a dream to many. Long rivers, many lakes and beautiful nature create the best places to catch your dream fish and truly enjoy the joy of fishing. In Muonio, the most common types of lake fish are for example whitefish, pike, and vendace but you can also try catching salmon or grayling.

Husky and reindeer safaris

Breathe in the clean air of Muonio as your ride with the huskies or relax on a sled as the reindeer guide you across snowy forests. We have short excursions and multi-day trips. Wuf! Are you ready, we will take you to enjoy of our husky tours and reindeer safaris in Muonio, Lapland!

Downhill skiing

If skiing is your passion, the Fell Lapland is your place to be! There are two ski resorts in Muonio – Olos and Pallas. The Fells in Finland create amazing natural slopes that are great for both beginners and more experienced skiers.

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Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing lets you ski on your own pace. In Finland, cross-country skiing during wintertime is popular and a great way to enjoy the Finnish nature. Muonio
provides great conditions for cross-country skiing with over 200km of wellmaintained skiing tracks.


Mountain biking

Cycling in the Finnish nature – what could be better? The Fells and the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park offer great surroundings for mountain biking in Muonio. There are many trails created just for mountain biking.


Soili Jussila, Visit Finland

Mushroom & berry picking

Muonio has the cleanest climate in the world, according to scientists. Breathe in freshest air and pick the cleanest berries: blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, cranberries, bog bilberries and crowberries. Easy to find mushrooms are the russula, milk cap and boletus. If you are picking mushrooms in the springtime you will also find the morel.


Take the plunge into pure waters of Muonio. Let the downstream carry your canoe. If you’re after more excitement and faster rapids, we recommend white water rafting excursions.


Snowmobiling is a way of living in Muonio! Snowmobiles are a fast and convenient way to go around in Finnish Lapland during wintertime. We have snow guaranteed winters and specialised snowmobiling trails. To get started, snowmobile safaris and guided trips are the best way to learn the art of snowmobiling in a safe way.

Excursions & hiking

Hiking in Finnish Lapland – what an eye-opening experience. The beauty of the Finnish wilderness and the Fell nature in Lapland are breath-taking and worth experiencing. Go hiking on your own or choose a guided tour. Whichever you choose nature in Muonio won’t let you down.

Harri Tarvainen, Visit Finland

Markus Kiili, Visit Finland


A beach holiday in Muonio? Who would’ve thought it. What you get is a quiet beach, clean and fresh water and of course the views are incredible. It’s not quite as warm as in the south, but the white nights and midnight sun make it a truly unique holiday.

Walk along a beautiful forest path to the Red Sand Beach and dip your toes into the Pallasjärvi Lake. Rest your eyes on the grand Pallas Fells reflecting on the lake surface. You can warm up in the wilderness hut on the beach. There is also a lean-to or Kota and a fire pit for use. If you’re coming to Lake Pallasjärvi by car, you can park in the Hirvaslahti or Pallaslompolo harbour area.

More beaches: Muonio beach, Lomamaja Pekonen, Lahenrannantie 11 and Utkujärvi beach, Kilpisjärventie, about 10 km north of Muonio centre

Sport & Fitness

Sports areas where you can train and exercise:

Muonio Sports Track and Athletic Field, Opintie
Muonio Hockey Rink and Tennis Field, Opintie
Muonio Parkour and Skate Park, Opintie
Kiela Activity Playground, Kilpisjärventie 15

Markus Kiili, Visit Finland

Northern lights

From late August until late spring, there is a high probability to see the Northern Lights in Muonio! Since Muonio is located above the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, the Northern Lights are visible more often and your chances to see the beautiful colours of the sky are great. Hunt the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland and experience something you will never forget. 

Everyman’s Right

In Finland, nature is not only wild, it’s free for everyone to enjoy, respectfully. The everyman’s right allows an access to anyone living in or visiting Finland the freedom to roam the countryside, forage, fish with a line and rod, and enjoy the recreational use of natural areas. While our national parks are safe to roam, for the protection of the fragile nature and for your comfort, we recommend always staying in the marked trails and campsites. Please tread carefully, take only pictures and leave only footprints. Remember not to go near someone’s private property and keep out of restricted areas which are there to protect vulnerable environments and wildlife such as nesting birds. Otherwise, enjoy! Our beautiful nature is for everyone to explore.

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