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Lapland Outdoor – Online Outdoor Store

Lapland Outdoor is a new kind of outdoor store and a mobilizer of happy people. Through us you can both buy and rent equipment. We know the equipment so you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest!

Our physical location (office) is in Muonio, a municipality of people who are happy by nature and surrounded by nature. We offer our services online and in person. We have an online store and products are delivered directly to your address. In addition we provide personal service by phone and face to face in the jungle of equipment. We know the world of outdoor equipment from the perspective of a northern person. We know what can be done here and we know with what equipment it can be done.

We try to make purchasing more responsible and to avoid unnecessary transport and storage of goods. We hope that every item purchased or rented through us will end up in heavy use and bring more happiness to the life of its user.

Lapland Outdoor – Online Outdoor Store
99300 Muonio


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