Let’s be responsible and sustainable together


We preserve natural resources

  • Our aim is to produce less waste.
  • We sort and recycle waste. Find a recycling point near your cabin.
  • We save energy and water.
  • We use geothermal and eco-energy.
  • We encourage our customers and visitors to do the same. 

We use public transportation

  • We promote the use public transportation.
  • We encourage customers and visitors to use public transportation and existing networks and contacts when travelling.


Visit Finland

We are developing year-round tourism

  • We strive to employ locals and increase the number of year-round jobs.​
  • We are working hard to reach our goal of year-round services. We are continuously creating more activities for the snowless months, as well as new events and activities for all seasons.

We include the locals

  • We value the local culture: the traditions, history and stories. We want to make sure that we can offer services and activities respecting the local customs and traditions.
  • We work together with the locals creating events. We talk to the locals and make sure the people of Muonio are involved in the development of tourism in a way that will benefit both the locals and tourists alike.
  • We are proud to use the products and services of the local suppliers.


Harri Tarvainen, Visit Finland

Join us as we promote responsible and sustainable tourism!

  • In Muonio we are in the process of implementing the Sustainable Travel Finland Program by 2022.
  • We are commited to the Principles of Sustainble Tourism of Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland
  • We are actively communicating to tourists and other stakeholders what we’re doing as we develop and promote sustainable tourism.
  • We improve the safety of tourism under the leadership of a regularly meeting security working group, our working group consists of security professionals.

Company stories

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Here’s how you can actively promote sustainable tourism​: Download the guidelines for sustainable tourism in Lapland

Sign the pledge for sustainable tourism:

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