We, including you, the locals, and those in the tourism companies, are all in this together.


We preserve nature resources

  • We sort and recycle waste, with the intention of producing less waste every time.
  • We save energy and water: for example, we use geothermal and eco-energy, and encourage our customers and visitors to do the same.

We take advantage of public transportation

  • We promote the emergence of various public transportation chains and options.
  • We also encourage customers and visitors to use public transportation as well as existing networks and contacts when traveling.


Visit Finland

We are developing year-round tourism

  • We strive to employ locals and increase the amount of year-round jobs.
  • Year after year, we continue to operate more, all year round. We are continuously developing more opportunities for the snowless months, as well as new events and activities for all seasons.

We include the locals

  • We respect the local culture (traditions, history, and stories), and make sure to offer related services and programs as genuinely and authentically as possible.
  • We work together with the locals, creating and collaborating on events, in communicating current affairs, and in making sure to include locals in the development of tourism in a way that will benefit both the locals and tourists alike.
  • We know the different providers and producers of goods and services in the area, and take advantage of their offerings.


Harri Tarvainen, Visit Finland

Join us in furthering responsible and sustainable tourism!

  • We Muonioans are in the process of working through the Sustainable Travel Finland Program by 2022.
  • We are actively communicating the actions being taken in the field of sustainable tourism to tourists and other stakeholders.

Company stories

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Here’s how you can actively promote sustainable tourism​: Download the guidelines for sustainable tourism in Lapland

Sign the pledge for sustainable tourism:

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