discover Muonio in north-west Lapland

Breathe the purest air in the world and take in the arctic beauty



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There are over 20 fells, over 200 lakes, 8 seasons and the cleanest air in the world. Allow yourself to fall into the slow pace of Finnish Lapland. Discover Muonio is here to help you
plan the best holiday in Lapland, Finland. 


The Purest air in the world is in Pallas, Lapland

See more on the Purest Air website.

Top 10 things to do during the snowy months

The long and lovely winter in Muonio lasts from October to the mid-May. There are lots of opportunities to enjoy the winter wonderland. Try skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, or let the reindeer or husky dash through the snow while you’re comfortable and warm in a sleigh.

Top 10 things to do during the months without snow

Muonio is cradled in the arms of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Enjoy a hike, go cycling, canoeing or fishing under the midnight sun. Summer in Muonio has a lot to offer.

Julia Kivelä, Visit Finland

Sanni Vierelä, Discover Muonio media

Arrive in Muonio by car, bus, train, or plane

The fastest way to get to Muonio is by flying to Kittilä International Airport. Continue by bus or a shuttle service taxi to Muonio within an hour.


Weather in Muonio

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