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Muonio – an Angler's Paradise

Muonio has over 200 clear-water lakes and rivers filled with a diverse range of fish. Come try your luck fishing around the fells and waters of Muonio.

The fish-filled waters of Muonio have been a favorite fishing destination for ages, and the various types of fishing methods available are an important part of the Muonio way of life to this day. The area’s over 200 lakes of different sizes, mountaintop streamlets, creeks, and of course, the Muonio River, as well as the various excursion and event programs on offer, guarantee year-round opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, both in the water and on land.

The different types of fish you can catch in the waters of Muonio include, for example, fresh and salt-water salmon, grayling, whitefish, vendance, pike, perch, burbot, and roach. There are many options when it comes to choosing where to fish, and methods of fishing are aplenty, from lure and fly fishing, for example, to salmon fishing.

The Muonio area offers many sights to see and things to do in addition to fishing. For those interested in sightseeing, make sure to visit the Keimiöniemi peninsula at Jerisjärvi; it’s an important part of local fishing history. The fishing cottages in the area are built on the same land the ancient people of Pirkkala built similar fishing cottages on in the 1700s.

We recommend taking some time to marvel at the different bodies of water in the municipality as well. Check out Äijäkoski, one of the strongest and most impressive rapids along the Muonio River. You can find a lookout point at the steep “rantatörmä”, where you can enjoy watching the rapids, or spend some family time in the lean-to while admiring the water and nature around. Äijäkoski is also a good shore-fishing destination.

Kettujoki kalastaja

Sustainble fishing

Sustainable fishing ensures that fish stocks are utilised sensibly and, as a result, there will be plenty of fish for future fishing seasons. With your own practices and choices, you can also promote the well-being of fish and other aquatic nature in Muonio.

By committing to the following ethical guidelines, you can promote responsible and smart fishing:

  1. Just take as much fish as you need at once/ for you daily consumption
  2. Stop fishing when you have caught the necessary catch or release some of the catch.
  3. Learn how to release fish correctly. Handle fish with care, so that the fish you do not keep can be released back into the water
  4. Use fishing gear and techniques that do not harm fish or other creatures unnecessarily.
  5. Respect each fish regardless of species or size.
  6. Fish only very sustainable species and fish stocks.
  7. Release specimens representing an endangered species or strain.
  8. Release small fish and large mother fish, regardless of species.
  9. Do not litter or otherwise harm our sensitive environment.
  10. Consider other people in the area, professional fishermen and their traps


Fishing permits

General fishing rights are a part of “jokamiehenoikeus”, or “everyman’s right”, which allow you to fish in the waters of Finland. These rights are either free or paid. Hook and rod fishing, and ice fishing are free according to the general fishing rules; the same applies for fishing in the sea in permitted public waters and Finland’s designated fishing zones.

Fisheries Management Fee

Paying the fisheries management fee is required if you are between the ages of 18-64, and fishing with lures or traps, or crayfishing. This fee gives you a right to fish basically throughout the entire country, in landlocked waters and out at sea, with certain exceptions. If fishing with multiple rods (trolling) and trap gear, you are required to obtain a fishing permit for the specific water area, as well as pay the fisheries management fee. You can purchase a permit from the owner of the water area, or from Metsähallitus if it is state-owned. The fees go towards taking care of the fishing waters, managing and monitoring fish stocks, and organizing advisory services for fishing. The fee is based on the Fishing Act. The fisheries management fee is an individual fee, and must be paid before going fishing.

If you are only going fishing with a hook and line, with a simple herring rig, or ice fishing, or if you are under 18 or have turned 65, you do not need to pay the fee. You can still pay the fee, however, if you wish to contribute to maintenance and invest in nature. You can find more information here

Paying the fisheries management fee does not give you an automatic right to fish in all waters. Restrictions include protected water areas and special locations/ destinations that require separate permits, as well as rapids and running waters with migratory fish stocks. For more information on restricted fishing areas, visit Remember that when fishing with more than one rod, a permit is required.

Payment can be processed at the physical location of purchase, through Eräluvat-services online via Eräluvat or though the new Eräluvat App found here

Remember, when going fishing, always bring your receipt with your personal contact information on it. You can also show your confirmed permit purchase via the app if/ when asked for proof.

Angling Permit

The bodies of water owned by Metsähallitus are divided into designated angling permit areas. Some designated areas are comprised of a single river or lake, and others are comprised of multiple bodies of water. You are allowed to fish in a designated angling area as long as you have a permit for that specific area. Thus, a separate permit is required for each of the designated area you are looking to fish in.

The Metsähallitus angling permit for Western Lapland allows you to fish using a lure or fly in the state-owned waters of Western Lapland. This area includes about 32400 hectares of lakes and ponds, as well as almost 2000 km of rivers and streams. Keep in mind that this angling permit does not allow you to fish in private waters, other angling destinations owned by Metsähallitus (previously designated recreational fishing areas), joint permit areas, specialty waters, or rental waters that have full fishing rights. A benefit of the Metsähallitus angling permit is that the entire family is covered, and you are allowed to use up to 8 rods (trolling- using multiple rods). You are also allowed to fish in state-owned waters that contain rapids and running sections home to migratory fish stocks that are not part of the national fisheries management fee. You can find more information here

Tornio-Muoniojoki-Könkämäeno lure fishing joint permit

There is a joint permit available for the Muonio River area that covers salmon fishing for 9 different municipalities. You can purchase a joint permit for all municipalities, or just one. For more information on updates, fishing rules, and where to purchase a permit, see more.

Joint permits can be purchased in Muonio from:

  • Harriniva Hotels and Safaris
  • Lohestajatorppa
  • Lomamaja Pekonen
  • SEO Muonio
  • True North
  • Wildfish Guiding

You can also purchase a permit online through Joint permit

Please make sure to check permit rules and regulations when planning your fishing trip.


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Fishing Waters

The clear waters of Könkäsenjärvi are located in Ylimionio, next to Kajangintie. The most common fish here are pike, perch, roach, burbot, and whitefish. The best equipment to use here are spoon lures and spinnerbait. When fishing for perch and roach, we recommend using a traditional hook and line. When ice-fishing, you might catch perch, roach, whitefish, or burbot.

Muorijärvi and Akanjärvi
Muorijärvi and Akanjärvi are located in Ylimuonio in a beautiful area near Kajangintie. The most common fish you’ll find are pike, perch, roach, whitefish, vendance, and burbot. The best equipment to use here are spoon lures and spinnerbait. Hook and rod, and ice-fishing are allowed in permitted areas as well.

This lake with its beautiful beaches is located about 10 km north of Muonio village. Perch, pike, roach, burbot, and whitefish are most common here. The best equipment to use are spoon lures and spinnerbait, but we recommend trying a fly lure as well. Utkujärvi is a wonderful place to try out traditional hook and line fishing, as well ice fishing.

Liepimäjärvi is located about 10 km northeast of Muonio village. The most common fish found here are pike, perch, roach, burbot, and whitefish. The best equipment to use are spoon lures and spinnerbait, but we recommend trying a fly lure as well. Hook and line fishing in the summer, and ice fishing in winter are great options as well.

Särkijärvi and Särkijoki
Särkijärvi is located about 12 km from Muonio towards Kittilä. Despite the name Särki (roach in English), there are no roach here; what you will find are perch, pike, whitefish, vendance, and burbot, as well as ruff. Recommended ways to fish include using spoon lures and spinnerbait, as well as wobblers, but a traditional hook and line works great too. Särkijärvi is a favorite spot for those wanting to go ice fishing in winter. Särkijoki river is a small offshoot of the lake, and is full of shrubbery.

Torassieppijärvi offers an easily accessible area for a relaxed day of fishing. You can get to the location by driving from Muonio village to Särkijärvi, where you’ll turn towards Pallas. Drive 3 km towards Pallas and then turn towards Torassiepi village. The lake is on the left side of the road. The most common fish found here are pike, perch, burbot, roach, whitefish, and vendance. Recommended types of equipment to use here include spoon lures and spinnerbait, as well as a traditional rod with worm bait. Ice fishing is great here in the winter.

This wilderness lake is located in the southwest corner of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. On the west side of the lake you can see the hilly landscapes, and on the east side, the peaks of the Pallas fells. To get here, drive to Torassieppi and walk along the marked trail towards the lake. Another option is driving through Liepimä village.
The most common fish found here are pike, perch, roach, burbot and freshwater salmon. Recommended equipment to use are spoon lures, spinnerbait, and of course fly lures. The permitted fishing area includes 650 hectares of the lake.

Jerisjärvi is considered one of the best and richest lakes in terms of fishing in the Muonio area. This lake also offers a challenge to anglers. The most common fish found here are whitefish and vendace, but you might catch pike, perch, and roach as well. During the winter, you can catch roach, and sometimes burbot, by ice fishing. For anglers, we recommend using spoon lures, spinnerbait, and fly lures.

Olosjärvi and Jerisjoki
Olosjärvi is near Muonio village. The most common fish found here are pike, perch, roach, burbot, whitefish and grayling. Recommended equipment to use for pike fishing here are spoon lures and spinnerbait; for grayling fishing, we recommend fly lures or spinnerbait. The surest way to catch perch is by using a traditional hook and rod with worm bait. For winter fishing, an ice fishing rod is recommended. You might even catch some pike, perch, or grayling along the Jerisjoki River.

Äkäsjärvi is located on the way to Äkäslompolo from Muonio, on the left side of the road. The most common fish found here are pike, perch, roach, whitefish, and burbot. Recommended equipment for fishing here are spoon lures, spinnerbait, and hooks and rods with worm bait. Ice fishing is also a must in the winter.

Kangosjärvi and Kangosjoki
The fish-rich Kangosjärvi is located about 10 km south of Muonio village via Torniontie. The most common fish here are pike, perch, roach, whitefish, burbot, and vendance. The best equipment to use here are lures, fly lures, and wobblers, as well as traditional hooks and rods with worm bait, or ice fishing rod in winter. Kangosjoki River flows into Muonio River, and offers a number of ideal places for both hook and rod fishing and fly fishing.

Pieni Harjujärvi
Pieni Harjujärvi is maintained by the Kangasjärvi community as a recreational fishing destination, where you can fish off the shore in summer, or on the ice in winter. There are two lean-tos, as well as a campfire spot, located in the area, plus a toilet and designated waste collection point. The most common fish here are rainbow trout, trout, grayling, perch, and pike. With a one-day fishing permit, you are allowed to catch up to two salmon. Notice! Area not available on the season 2021.

The Tornio-Muonio River is located along the border between Finland and Sweden. The nature along the river is diverse; it starts all the way up in the treeless fells of the north, and flows down through the Gulf of Bothnia though coniferous forests and hilly landscapes. The Muonio River is the longest free-flowing salmon river in Europe, offering unbelievable opportunities for leisurely fishing. You can catch perch, grayling, pike, whitefish, and trout here. Note! Any sea trout caught in the Tornio-Muonio River must be released back into the water immediately, whether alive or dead, for conservation purposes. The minimum allowed length of a salmon that can be caught is 50cm, while the minimum for grayling is 35cm. Fishing methods include lure fishing, fly fishing, and ice fishing. Hook fishing (hooks that hook the fish from the outside) is not allowed. When fishing with a rod and lure, the motor on the boat must be turned off. Catching one salmon is permitted per day of fishing.


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