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Businesses are observing safety guidelines

Sunday, Mar 28
Author: Nina Vesterinen, Discover Muonio
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In Muonio, we have been able to prevent the spread of the coronavirus very well by committing to national guidelines and by strictly adhering to them in our everyday activities. Thanks for this are also due to enlightened and responsible travellers, holiday residents, entrepreneurs, and the citizens of the municipality. By acting in a controlled manner and by observing national guidelines and recommendations, we will continue to make efforts to control the coronavirus epidemic, to safeguard our healthcare capacities, and to protect those at greatest risk in particular.

There are restrictions on entry into the country, and both internal and external border controls will continue until 17 April 2021.

Internal border traffic refers to traffic between Finland and other Schengen countries. Finland continues to restrict entry from all other Schengen countries except Iceland. The Schengen countries are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, which are EU Member States, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, which are non-EU countries.

External border traffic refers to traffic between Finland and non-Schengen third countries. Restrictions have been lifted for traffic arriving in Finland from the Vatican, and for traffic between Finland and Australia, Rwanda, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand for residents of these countries.

Only essential travel for work will be permitted across internal borders. People themselves cannot determine whether their commuting is deemed essential.  Essential travel constitutes work that is important for the functioning of society or for security of supply, that must be performed by a person or persons arriving from another country and that must be carried out without delay.The opening hours of certain border crossing points at the western border in Lapland and the eastern border are restricted.

Travellers arriving in Finland must take into account Finland’s quarantine and testing recommendations. The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare will provide guidance on these health security measures. Information is also available on the FINENTRY service.

Foreign tourists who are in Finland may leave the country.

Businesses are observing safety guidelines

Businesses have done important work in relation to their facilities and services to be able to offer the safest possible experience for their guests, for example by paying even more attention to cleaning, by acquiring hand sanitiser and masks, by following orders issued to restaurants, and by ensuring safe distances in accommodations, shops, and activity services.

Exceptional opening hours

Most of the  accommodations are open and activities are available.

Exceptional opening hours during the winter-spring 2021:

  • Äkäsmylly attraction doesn’t have winter maintanance. Cafe is closed as well.
  • Torassieppi offers accommodation without restaurant services 1.12.2020-11.4.202
  • Harriniva hotel offers only cottage accommodation during the winter season 2020-21
  • Restaurants Takka, Apaja and Arctic Skylight are closed for the spring season

Please check the opening hours directly on the company’s website or social media channels.

Kolari night trains run every night. Book a shuttle service taxi from the railway station to Muonio a day before your arrival tel. +358 40 7088105. There are daily flights from Helsinki to Kittilä. Book your shuttle service taxi a day before your arrival at muoniokt(at)

When holidaymaking in Muonio, please remember the following guidelines:

  • Download the Koronavilkku app on your phone. The app will alert you if you have unknowingly been exposed to coronavirus during your trip. It can be found also in English and can be down loaded at Google Play or App Store.
  • Maintain hand hygiene and coughing etiquette.
  • Keep a distance, min 2 meters
  • Wear a mask in public transport and indoors if you cannot keep a safe distance from others.
  • Wear a mask when in restaurants, shops, hotel lobbies, tourist attractions and so on.
  • You can also wear a face mask in other situations if maintaining safe distances is not possible.
  • If you have symptoms indicating that you may have coronavirus, get yourself tested. Ask help from your accommodation host or call Muonio Health Care Center tel. +358 40 662 4565 or +358 40 714 2845. We use so called rapid coronavirus tests. They are free of charge for everyone and you can get your result in an hour.
  • Do not travel if you have any symptoms, even mild ones.
  • At rest stops and gas stations, take hygiene, safe distances and the use of face masks into account.
  • Follow the hygiene and other safety instructions by travel entrepreneurs.
  • Follow the hiking guidelines,

Please see the video below “Finland is ready for you!”


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Inquires: Director of tourism, Nina Vesterinen, Discover Muonio, nina.vesterinen(at)


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