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Businesses have observed guidelines

Updated 4.8.2020

Saturday, Jul 25
Author: Nina Vesterinen, Discover Muonio
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In Muonio, we have been able to prevent the spread of the coronavirus very well by committing to national guidelines and by strictly adhering to them in our everyday activities. Thanks for this are also due to enlightened and responsible travellers, holiday residents, entrepreneurs, and the citizens of the municipality. By acting in a controlled manner and by observing national guidelines and recommendations, we will continue to make efforts to control the coronavirus epidemic, to safeguard our healthcare capacities, and to protect those at greatest risk in particular.

There is currently no internal border control between Finland and Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Liechtenstein, Malta, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary as well no restrictions between Finland and Andorra, Cyprus, Ireland, San Marino and the Vatican. From 27 July onwards, traffic between Finland and South Korea, Georgia, Japan, China, Rwanda, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and New Zealand will be allowed without restrictions.  Foreign tourists who are in Finland may leave the country. The Government of Finland will reassess the need for and extent of the restrictions on entry in approximately two weeks based on the epidemiological situation.

Businesses have observed guidelines

Businesses have done important work in relation to their facilities and services to be able to offer the safest possible experience for their guests, for example by paying even more attention to cleaning, by acquiring hand sanitiser and masks, by following orders issued to restaurants, and by ensuring safe distances in accommodations, shops, and activity services.

Please check the opening hours

Many accommodations and restaurants  in Muonio are open and activities are available.


  • Harriniva: only camping site, cabin accommodation, terrace and cafe services are open
  • Torassieppi is open during until 20.9. with varying service offering
  • Hotel Jeris is closed. Arctic Sauna World can be booked for private groups.
  • Lapland Hotels Olos opens 30th of August
  • Lapland Safaris Olos office opens in November. Summer and autumn season bookings via Levi office.

Please check the opening hours directly on the company’s website or social media channels.

Kolari night trains run twice a week and fligts from Helsinki to Kittilä five times a week.  An other option is to fly or take a train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi  and from there a bus or a rental car to Muonio.

When holidaymaking in Muonio, please remember the following guidelines

  • Avoid physical contact and maintain a minimum safe distance of 1–2 metres to other people.
  • Avoid crowds and physical or near physical contacts as much as possible.
  • Maintain good hand and coughing hygiene.
  • Avoid all travel if you are ill.
  • If you become ill while travelling, you are entitled to urgent care in the municipality where you are staying. If you have symptoms, you must inform the staff of the tourism company to prevent the spread of the infection.
  • Follow the hiking guidelines,

See you in Muonio!

Inquires: Director of tourism, Nina Vesterinen, Discover Muonio, nina.vesterinen(at)


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