Tourism in Muonio looks and grows into the future together

Tuesday, Jun 30
Author: Director of Tourism Nina Vesterinen
Image: Discover Muonio

As part of the strategic development of the Muonio tourism industry, the visual look and web pages of tourism services were updated to match the forward-looking and sustainable practices and values. The development and changes make apparent the new, more organised and more professional way of doing things by Muonio tourism, which serves as a springboard for working forward together.

The Muonio tourism programme 2020 to 2025 “We are growing together: Fresh, authentic, happy Muonio”

Muonio is aiming at becoming Lapland’s most sustainably growth-oriented and happiest international travel destination at the heart of the national park by the year 2025. Tourism is being developed together on the basis of mutually determined values, which are sustainability, authenticity, and happiness combined with efforts to cherish a clean nature and environment. – We hope that all guests will feel welcome in Muonio, as if they were coming to visit a good friend, says Chairman of the Board Hanna-Mari “Pyry” Talvensaari of Muonion Matkailu ry.

The sustainable growth and renewal of Muonio tourism are enabled by the strategic focuses identified in the programme
1. Reinforcing existing strengths in experience-based services and bold marketing that utilises digitalisation
2. Functional travel chains and the digital availability of services
3. The sustainable development of an operating environment in support of tourism
4. Being proud to grow together in a sustainable way and in the long run, always according to plan while respecting our values

– Cooperation and partnerships are essential to the growth of Muonio tourism. This is included in the name of the programme, “We are growing together”, says Director of Tourism Nina Vesterinen of Visit Muonio 2025/Muonion Matkailu ry.

Tourism in Muonio and the income it generates can grow as international traveller volumes and consumption grow in a sustainable way. Indeed, the growth targets emphasise attempts to lengthen the stays of guests and a steadier stream of travellers all year round.
– The tourism programme is an answer to international challenges and tourism industry trends, such as sustainability, digitalisation, and changes in consumer behaviour, Nina Vesterinen continues.

Completed as a cooperative effort during the spring of 2020, the tourism programme brings actors and practices together in a single document that serves as an aid in the long-term development of Muonio tourism. The programme is intended as a guideline for the development of tourism industry activities by entrepreneurs, the municipality, and other actors. The implementation of the programme and the accomplishment of objectives are monitored annually and updated when needed.

A new visual web page

By renewing the Muonio tourism web page, the various tourism industry operators in Muonio want to attract travellers to the region and improve the digital user experience of the website visitors. Among other improvements, the site’s usability was improved and its visual look refreshed. In particular, the new web page takes into account the ever more visual direction of tourism marketing, usability on mobile devices, and reachability of both content-based and technological solutions. The partner in the renewal was advertising agency Seven-1. The old address now redirects to the new website address

Muonio tourism is communicated as Discover Muonio

The new Muonio tourism marketing communication slogan Discover Muonio is an embodiment of how travellers no longer just “drop by” in Muonio, but rather see, feel, and learn something new while they are spending their holidays here, says Hanna-Mari “Pyry” Talvensaari.
The blue and white colours of the new logo symbolise the cleanliness of the region, the cleanest air and waters in the world and their utilisation as parts of the holiday experience, white snow, blue skies, and peace of mind. In the logo, it is possible to see for example “eye glasses” through which the region can be observed, a spoon for tasting all the new experiences, as well as plentiful fells, blueberry leaves, and the wings of a bird.

-The new Discover Muonio logo is a reminder that we operate on international markets too, which will bring in much-needed export income and thereby well-being for the local inhabitants, as Nina Vesterinen reminds us.

On-going development

The development of web page is still on-going. We are happy to receive your feedback by e-mail at

Additional information:

Director of Tourism Nina Vesterinen, Visit Muonio 2025, Muonion Matkailu ry nina.vesterinen(at), tel. 044 235 0421


  • Muonion Matkailu ry unites the tourism businesses and tourism-related businesses, communities, and people in the region and supervises their common and shared interests relating to occupational activities, promotes partnerships between its members, and improves the general operating conditions for the sector. The association is implementing the Visit Muonio 2025 project (1.11.2019 to 31.05.2022), which seeks to develop and promote year-round tourism in the Muonio region by for example developing high-quality sustainable tourism products, by marketing, and by improving accessibility. Further goals are to develop partnership networks and to create a functional and permanent tourism promotion model by taking into account the significance of information and the opportunities afforded by digitalisation. The total cost for the project is 270,250 euros, of which 80% (216,000 euros) is covered by the state and the ERDF, some 14% by businesses, and some 5% by the municipality of Muonio.