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In More arctic attractiveness with the purest air in the world project, using service design, pure air data was created to be visible and experienced through new service concepts. In May 2023, five new service concepts were introduced, which are based on the needs and ideas of companies. Needs and ideas were reflected on the research data collected in the project and based on the background work of the students of Lapland University’s Designing Tourism Futures. In the service design process, for example, the service concept of clean air experiences, target groups, necessary resources and responsibility aspects were taken into account and described, based on trends and studies in tourism and society.

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Love is in the Purest Air

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Retreat & treat
(Breathe, work, and feel easy in theworld’s purest air)

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Returning to your roots

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Your Style to Relax – Experiencethe Purest Air

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Wellbeing data

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