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“Here at White Adventure we want to encourage people and organizations towards circular economy. We aim to aquire our equipment from second-hand and our equipment is for rental to anyone when not in use at our tours”

Johanna Mikkola, owner – WHITE ADVENTURE

“We built small water tower to our property. Because of this we don’t have to use our internal combustion engine generator so often to pump water from our drilled well. This reduces emissions and noise nuisance”

“Our company is now focusing to find more ecological packaging materials that would fit to our needs. We are also continually improving our production processes to be more sustainable, for example energy efficient”

Kyllikki Kurki, chairman of the board – MUONION LUOTU

“Our organization has been closely involved in The Purest Air -project from the very beginning. Preserve the results of the projects and its material through our own systems is natural continuation.

As a regional organization, we are able to support and communicate together with organizations who are offering Purest Air experiences.”

Laura Hokajärvi, tourism manager – DISCOVER MUONIO

“Since we have the purest air in Muonio and Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, we, the various operators in the area, should be able to convey a unified message about responsibility to our customers, both in words and in actions.

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland have reduced the carbon footprint in our own operations, e.g. by switching from oil heating to geothermal heat in the national park’s maintenance bases and nature centers and by installing solar panels to produce renewable energy.”

Joel Erkkonen, development manager – METSÄHALLITUS, PARKS & WILDLIFE FINLAND


“Finnish Meteorological Institute produces reliable information about climate change and air quality.

We want to use the research data we produce and our expertise in many ways for the benefit of citizens and society.”

Antti Hyvärinen, Head of Unit, Atmospheric Composition Research –

“Our appreciation for nature is very strong, and we strive to take it into account in every action, decision and communication.

Clean and fresh air, pure nature’s collected products, such as wild herbs, berries and mushrooms, as well as clear waters are an asset and a source of pride, which should be respected and for the preservation of which each of us should work.”

Kaisa Salo, founder – PUROPURO 
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