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The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) has a long history of atmospheric monitoring at Pallas.

The first weather station was established near Lake Pallasjärvi in 1935. The measurements of atmospheric composition were started in 1991, and the Sammaltunturi station was established as a node of the Pallas–Sodankylä Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) station in 1994.

Currently, Pallas comprises one of the most important research infrastructures in Finland and in the wider circumpolar region, contributing to numerous European and global research programmes.

The Pallas Supersite

consists of versatile research infrastructure for ​monitoring and studying the atmosphere, ecosystems and their interactions. Pallas in Muonio is ​located 170 km north of the Arctic Circle, partly in the ​area of Pallas Yllästunturi National Park.

Pure air is a symbol of the delicate nature and atmosphere, which are subjected to huge pressures due to climate change and nature loss.

With the help of The Purest Air brand, we want to communicate the importance of pure air, the importance of making the right choices and at the same time instil that the Purest Air can be found at Pallas, Lapland.


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