Särkitunturi Fell

Finland’s national landscape

Särkitunturi Fell

Please note! Due to the extension of the parking area of the Särkitunturi, the route of the Särkitunturi will be closed in the summer of 2022!

Särkitunturi Fell is an easily accessible excursion area. The view from the top of the fell looking over Pallastunturi fells has been chosen as Finland’s national landscape. The Särkitunturi Fell is one of the best viewing sites in the region.

You can find a half Lapp hut, campfire site and a toilet halfway along the forested trail.The trail is easy to traverse, so it is also suitable for families. It is also possible to access the summit along the snowmobile route or by skiing along a well maintained cross-country skiing trail.

Särkitunturi Fell
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