Since 1994, Lohestajatorppa has been providing services to salmon-fishing customers along the Muonio River in Pakamukka. Our kiosk is open in the summer months for the salmon fishing season, during which time you can also find an open, designated camper-van area. There is no electricity in the area, but there is a sauna, toilet, and campfire area available for use.

You can buy coffee shop products, food, mid-range beer, and soft drinks at the kiosk, and fishing permits and equipment (ie. lures and flies) are also available for purchase. Row boats and motorboats can be rented if this is something you are interested in as well.

Visiting address of the kiosk:

Torniontie 4132,  95950 KIHLANKI

Lohisouvi Oy, Torniontie 4445


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