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Arctic Skylight Lodge

Stay in our luxurious glass cabins, pamper yourself in the warmth of the sauna and outdoor jacuzzi, take a refreshing river swim and enjoy Lappish delicacies in our restaurant.

Arctic Skylight Lodge is tucked away in a picturesque river valley, just a few kilometres outside of Äkäslompolo, a village surrounded by seven fells. The main building on top of the hill houses our welcoming reception, cosy lounge with a fireplace and the glass walled restaurant connecting you with the ancient forest and wild nature outside. Spread out over the hill rolling down to Kukaslompolo are the 10 luxurious glass cabins, offering cinematic views of the river valley and the surrounding nature. At the bottom of the valley is our spectacular sauna with outdoor jacuzzi and possibilities to swim in the river whether winter or summer.

From all our buildings you get the chance to enjoy the beauty of Lappish nature throughout the seasons. Whether you visit us in the middle of winter to enjoy the northern lights from your luxurious bed in one of the glass cabins, during summer to bathe by the river in the midsummer sun, during autumn to roam the colorful forests foraging, or because you wish to go on a culinary adventure with us, we are a place where you can reconnect with nature and enjoy it with all your senses.

We at Arctic Skylight Lodge wish you to experience the best Lapland has to offer: clean, unspoiled nature, peaceful and serene surroundings, eco-friendly, yet luxurious accommodation, as well as local, seasonal and wild tastes of Lapland.

Open for dinner time from 29.6.2021 onwards.

Arctic Skylight Lodge
Äkäslompolontie 2748
95970 Äkäslompolo