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Muonio Tourism Association Member Site

Muonion Matkailu ry (Muonio Tourism Association) unites the tourism businesses and tourism-related businesses, communities, and people in the region and supervises their common and shared interests relating to occupational activities, promotes partnerships between its members, and improves the general operating conditions for the sector.

The association is implementing the Visit Muonio 2025 project (1.11.2019 to 31.05.2022), which seeks to develop and promote year-round tourism in the Muonio region by for example developing high-quality sustainable tourism products, by marketing, and by improving accessibility. Further goals are to develop partnership networks and to create a functional and permanent tourism promotion model by taking into account the significance of information and the opportunities afforded by digitalisation. The total cost for the project is 270,250 euros, of which 80% (216,000 euros) is covered by the state and the ERDF, some 14% by businesses, and some 5% by the municipality of Muonio.

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Visit Muonio 2025

To promote year-round tourism in the Muonio.

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Muonion Matkailu ry


Chairman of the Board Pekka Veisto
Tel. 040 5073518


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